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Thank you for visiting my Dashboard, I am Dwildcash a sysadmin/devops for a large cloud company in Canada. My specialty is Building/Managing/Automating private and public Cloud infrastructure. I also love blockchain technologies. Talking about blockchain I found few weeks ago a nice DPOS Project... RISE!. I love the ideas and features behind this project. That is why I decided to help by building this dashboard and a Telgram Tip bot (RiseStar). also I give my help and try to fix little things on the official git repository.

I also love the great community around RISE!. A lot of people who helped me by contributing votes or bounty!... You will find me hanging around Telegram or Slack channel under nickname Dwildcash

It is always fun to receive contribution so if you like what I am doing, you can send me some RISE at the following address 5556972430134253533R you can also participate by voting for delegate Dwildcash

Thanks all for your votes!
Thank you in advance! -- Dwildcash